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A-Licence Full Solo Course

Experienced skydivers having fun over Melbourne

We're running a intensive 9 day A-License Course in November! Saturday 14th to Sunday 22nd. Call us to register your interest on 1300 302 907! Or check it out on Facebook!

Ever wondered what it would be like to 'that' person? You know who I’m talking about… The one with the gutsy determination and a huge drive for life, who sets their goals and achieves them. That person who makes all their dreams come true. They make things happen! They have that special something that you wish you had. But the funny thing is we can achieve anything we want if we put our minds to it. Have you ever thought of flying solo? Looked into skydiving courses? That person could be YOU today. This course has your name on it.

The A-License Course is the first step to becoming a qualified skydiver and is ideal for people who really want to take skydiving to the next level. Lets face it, there's plenty of things to do in Melbourne, but who can say they go skydiving at the weekends? After completing you’re A-Licence your opportunities are endless on where you may end up in the sport. You can skydive all over the world meeting many like-minded adventure sport specialists. The A-Licence full solo course can be taught in two different styles: Accelerated Free Fall or Static Line Free Fall. The below information is based upon our most popular A-Licence course option - Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). If you would like further information on static line parachuting then read up on our Static Line Free Fall full solo course. Its on the resources page.

You can complete the course two ways: Either book onto our 9 day course where you can complete all of your training in one block, or you can complete your training over various weekends at your leisure. Remember, for this option 4 weeks must be the maximum time between jumps due to currency and safety (I may mention that after 4 weeks retraining fees may apply, and we don’t want that!)

A-Licence Course Includes:

9 x Training AFF Stage Jumps
5 x Solo Jumps
All gear hire
Instructor fees
Australian Skydiving Association Membership
Chief Instructor assistance & advice for purchasing of own equipment
One on one Personalised Instruction
Packing Instruction
Preparation for A-Licence Examination

A-Licence Course – Program Outline

Stage 1.

7.30am arrival time
Paperwork & Introduction to skydiving
Equipment, Freefall, Parachute, Aircraft Safety Theory & Practical Sessions
Written Exam
Night Activities & Socialising with Instructors and Club Members


Revision Training
Jump Brief
AFF Stage 1

Who said skydiving in Melbourne was only for the bravehearted?! Congratulations you! You're now on your way. 


Stage 2.
Heading awareness, arm and leg awareness, forward movement and learn how to pull your ripcord by 3,500ft.

Stages 3. & 4.
Hover control, heading maintenance, solo pull by 3,500ft, observe/spotting flight path of aircraft in relation to the dropzone and jump-run in relation to the spot.

Stage 5.
360 degree turns, forward movement and docking, pull by 3,500ft and advanced observing/spotting and linked exit.

Stage 6.
6 - 360 degree turns, forward movement & docking, 180 degree turn - wave, solo pull by 3,500ft and linked exit.

Stage 7.
Sub terminal control, backloop, tracking, understanding aircraft loads and first solo exit.

Stage 8.
Fast and slow fall, figure eight and backloop, 'S' track and understanding aircraft loads. Linked/unlinked exit from plane.

Stage 9.
Emergency exit procedure and low altitude skydives. Hop and pop at 3,000ft

During this course you will learning the various freefall skills and basics to become a skydiver (back loops, turns, and forward movement), perform 5 X Solo Jumps (After completing AFF Stage 6), learn to pack your own parachutes, learn about skydiving as a sport/industry and developo a through understanding of canopy control and flight patterns. The social atmosphere we offer is second to none. Work hard and play hard! After you have completed your A-Licence practical and written examination you will be able to skydive all over the world performing many exciting skydives with all sorts of colourful characters!! And it all started in Melbourne...

For more information on the best skydiving courses near Melbourne please call our Chief Instructor on 03 9432 2419. He will be happy assist and advise on any questions, queries and curiosities.

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