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Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

AFF Stage 1 Melbourne

Ever thought of flying solo?

Every year we tell ourselves we will improve. How often do we keep our New Years resolutions? Do we really challenge ourselves on a regular basis? The answer is probably not enough. Don’t just say it, do it! If you are interested in taking up skydiving as a sport or simply want to test your personal boundaries then you might want to look into skydiving courses. Lets face it... the Accelerated Free Fall Course is the one for you. You can complete all stages of your AFF either by jumping over a series of weekends or you can book a one week intensive course. The first stage course is an electrifying new way to do your first jump including a full weekend package!

Stage 1.
After a full days training course you are taken to to heights of up to 13,000ft with two highly experienced instructors. Your instructors will maintain contact with you when you leave the plane and throughout the free fall phase of your jump (vital for your safety). You will free fall for approximately 50-60 seconds falling at speeds of up to 220km per hour. You will pull your own ripcord at 4,000 ft which will deploy your parachute.

From this point the instructors no longer have physical contact with you. You’re out on your own! You proceed with your canopy control as trained. You then steer and fly the parachute around the sky for approx 8-10 minutes before landing yourself with the help of a Target Assistant located on the ground. The rest as they say is history! This is the first step that leads you on to become a fully qualified skydiver. You’re on your way to becoming a pro! Our video and still photography service is available for your first AFF jump. Get in and book now!

Yahoooo! You have done your first jump. The following stages will lead you on to getting your full skydiving licence. Please see the A-Licence Full Solo Course for more information.

Stage 2.
Heading awareness, arm and leg awareness, forward movement and learn how to pull your ripcord by 3,500ft.

Stages 3. & 4.
Hover control, heading maintenance, solo pull by 3,500ft, observe/spotting flight path of aircraft in relation to the dropzone and jump-run in relation to the spot.

Stage 5.
360 degree turns, forward movement and docking, pull by 3,500ft and advanced observing/spotting.

Stage 6.
6 - 360 degree turns, forward movement & docking, 180 degree turn - wave, solo pull by 3,500ft.

Stage 7.
Sub terminal control, backloop, tracking, understanding aircraft loads and first solo exit.

Stage 8.
Fast and slow fall, figure eight and backloop, 'S' track and understanding aircraft loads. Linked/unlinked exit from plane.

Stage 9.
Emergency exit procedure and low altitude skydives. Hop and pop at 3,000ft



If you have a skydiving course Melbourne mission then dont hesitate to contact our Chief Instructor on 03 9432 2419. He will be happy to assist and advise you.

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