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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about skydiving in Melbourne!

Why Jump with Skydive Euroa?

  • We pride ourselves on being one of the longest running skydive centres in Victoria having been established in 1983.
  • We have the best safety record in Victoria without question!
  • Our location is perfect for skydiving with regards to the weather... We have 100 more jumpable days per year compared to dropzones in Melbourne and amazing scenic views of the country.
  • Skydive Euroa has the largest dropzone in Victoria (300 acre property) meaning less aircraft traffic and more safety.
  • We are NOT a sausage factory or corporate revolving door culture. We look after our customers as we would our friends. We are the epiphany of a memorable experience.
  • Free accommodation is available for all first course students.
  • We have a great and well known social atmosphere
  • We have the perfect location for countryside get-away with snowy mountains, beautiful sunsets and acres of countryside for scenic views when you jump.
  • Renowned Skydiving Courses in Victoria

Do I need to book?

Bookings can be made anytime from one day before, to 6 months in advance.  In high summer season one to two weeks advance notice is strongly recommended.  The sooner you contact us the more chance you have of jumping on your preferred date. However having said that if you wake up one morning and spontaneously decide you want to skydive that day then by all means give us a call and we will endeavour to fit you in.

Can I change a booking?

Yes, changes are permitted up to 7 days before the confirmed jump date.

What if my preferred time is unavailable?

We will work with you to find another date and time that suits.  

Can my family and friends watch?

Absolutely! Why not bring all of your friends and family up and make a weekend of it? Your friends and family can watch you gear up, take off, be in the video with you and be there when you land safely, and celebrate with you all in the comfort of our comfy clubhouse and bar at Euroa.  We have a large BBQ area and have been known to throw many a social occasion for all of our visitors.

How much time should I allow for my skydive?

You should allow 2-3 hour on site. It generally does not take this long. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as air traffic control or the weather get in the way.

What time will we be jumping?

The time you are booked in is your arrival time. When you arrive you need to complete some paperwork and then you are assigned to a load. Very rarely are we are held up by air control traffic or the weather, however when this does happen your safety is paramount to us. Delays in that instance are vital.

Can I get DVD or photos of my skydive?

Yes, you can get both. And why wouldn’t you want to capture it all!

Is skydiving safe?

Sky Diving Melbourne has the best safety record in Victoria. Our ex military instructors are ASA accredited and highly experienced. Our equipment is maintained to extremely high standards. Yes skydiving is an extreme sport, however you are more likely to have an accident whilst driving your car than skydiving. Statistical fact! Skydiving in Melbourne? Skydive Euroa!

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