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Static Line Free Fall

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Do you want a cost effective way of entering the sport? This is your golden ticket...

Static Line Skydiving is the most popular and traditional way to learn how to skydive. it is not uncommon for students to take 30-50 jumps to complete their static line training. Jumping solo from the beginning, most static line students spread their learning over a longer period of time due to the number of jumps required. This also spreads the cost aswell.

The Static Line Parachute course includes complete weekend package (please see below for details). After a full training course you are taken to between 3,000 and 4,000 ft. You exit the aircraft alone under the expert guidance of your instructor.

As you let go of the aircraft you will free fall for approximately 3-4 seconds. Your static line which is attached to the aircraft deploys the parachute for you. There you will proceed with your canopy checks as trained before steering and flying your parachute around the sky for around 8 minutes. Wahay! Time to land… You will land yourself with the help of the Target Assistant just below. On your sixth and following jumps you will then free fall completely on your own from greater heights. What an achievement!

This course is perfect for groups and team building whilst remaining the most cost effective way of entering the sport! This thrilling first jump course can be the first step that leads you onto becoming a fully qualified skydiver. Bottoms up!

The Package

Your first jump course is a complete weekend package away comprising of:
  • All instruction – Initial and Ongoing
  • Membership to the Parachute School
  • Membership to the Star Track Social Club
  • Student Notes
  • Log Book
  • First Jump
  • Club Facilities
  • 1st Jump Certificate
  • Equipment & Aircraft Hire
  • Bunk Accommodation and Showers
  • Introduction to Parachute Packing
  • Breakfast Saturday and Sunday
  • Courtesy Bus departs 5pm Friday and returns Saturday evening

For more information on Skydiving in Melbourne ring our office on 0413 863 929  to speak to one of our experienced and friendly skydiving staff. Blue Skies!

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