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What Kind of Skydiver are YOU?


Thought skydiving was just falling really really fast towards the ground? Think again. If you are a newly qualified Skydiver having just completed your AFF Course then the learning doesn’t have to stop there. In fact it has only just begun. Skydiving is such a diverse and exciting sport! Here are a few different skydiving disciplines to practice and specialise in… Who knows, you might even end up competing internationally and representing your home country!

  • Formation Skydiving (FS) – making formations during freefall whilst belly-flying. Also known as Relative Work (RW)
  • Freeflying – flying in multiple orientations (i.e. back-flying, sit-flying or head down)
  • Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS) – a subset of FS that utilises free-flying body positions (also known as VRW).
  • Style and Accuracy – performing a predefined series of freefall manoeuvres in the least amount of time, and then landing your parachute as close as possible to a target.
  • Freestyle – combines the dynamics of gymnastics with the elegance of dance in an aerial performance. The freestylist executes precise acrobatic manoeuvres (including loops, twists, poses and spins) while a camera moves in close coordination with the freestylist to capture the whole routine on video, and therefore provide a means to display it to audiences on the ground.
  • Skysurfing – skydiving with a board strapped to the feet; surfing the wind
  • Wingsuit – skydiving with a suit which provides extra lift; with bird-like wings attached between the arms and torso, and also legs.
  • Canopy Formation – making formations with other parachutists while under canopies, also known as Canopy Relative Work (CRW) or “Crew”.
  • Canopy Piloting – also known as “Swooping”, involving the flight of a high-performance canopy diving towards the earth at extremely high speeds, then levelling off the dive while maintaining maximum speed in order to get maximum distance and time in a very fast, very close glide across the ground.
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So tell me, what kind of flyer are you?

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