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Our Atmosphere

Skydiving atmosphere Melbourne

It is important to understand that we are a full service skydiving training club... not a sausage factory. Not a revolving door! We spend time making sure our customers enjoy their experience, have time to savour the moment, and sniff the roses of their new and special experience. Who said we cant look at the world through rose tinted glasses?! We offer a fun, friendly and social atmosphere. We cater for a large variety of people from various walks of life. We say do something that scares you every day! Age is just a number and our jumpers range from between twelve and one hundred years old!

Adventure before Dementia!


Skydive Euroa and The Parachute School promote a welcoming and wonderful atmosphere to all members and visitors. Whether its sitting by an open fire after a day of jumping, or socialising over a meal at the country pub we take the time to know one another. We are very open to newcomers and have many wise tales to tell. You will meet people from a diverse range of backgrounds and make friends for life as you share your new experiences together. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and  escape the rat race. You will feel like a new person come Monday!

All of our staff members are highly experienced in the sport and have endless amounts of information they can share with you. So whether you are eager to get into the sport and are looking for free assistance/advice or you are simply looking to have the best time of your life (and why wouldnt you?!) then we are there to accommodate all needs, wants and desires. Oh baby!

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