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Our Team

  • Meet our Crazy Crew!


    Colourful characters to say the least... Anybody who wants to jump out of planes or fly machinery around the air for a living must definitely have a screw loose somewhere! Enough said... Meet the team at Skydive Euroa!

    Theyre extremely experienced at skydiving and would happily express it not only as a sport but a PASSION! And passion sells. Our staff are friendly and always ready to help (and make you laugh if need be!).

  • Ian Matthews


    Ian Matthews is the Chief Instructor of The Parachute School. He is also the Principal of Creative Action Learning; the corporate training arm of the Parachute School and Skydive Euroa.

    Ian has served in the Australian Army with the Commando Regiment for over 20 years gaining several Military and Civilian Instructor qualifications. He has been parachuting for 40 Years and has over 13,000 jumps under his belt. He also used to be a stuntman! Ian is a family man who will do anything for his adoring life partner Donna and three children Jarrod, Caitlyn and Joel. All three children are now qualified packers and Jarrod is already an instructor at the ripe age of 18! I guess adrenalin junkie runs in the family! Ian has a cracking sense of humour and is well respected by his team.

     “Live life to the fullest… things never ever stay the same. Keep changing before the changes take you over!”

  • Caitlyn Matthews


    Caitlyn has grown up on a dropzone and is full of energy and gives it her all. A very talented flyer and a natural as  skydiving runs in Caitlyn's blood.

    Coach and Instructor Rating with AFF endorsment. Some describe her as the great motivator of Euroa, and her directed yelling has been responsible getting fun jumpers to actually jump on many a weekend.

  • Jarrod Matthews


    Jarrod has grown up on a dropzone and his dedication to the sport has meant he is highly experienced in many disciplines within skydiving (ie: wingsuiting, formation skydiving, freeflyng)

    Instructor Rating with AFF and Tandem endorsements. Coach and Packer A ratings with many achievements within his skydivign career and many more to come. 

    Jarrod is here every weekend giving it his all!

    "No-one is busy in this world, its all about priorities"

  • Joel Matthews


    Joel has grown up on a dropzone. He is has achieved his Instructor D rating and endorsement.

    He is a natural born flyer with a passion for excellence and achieving whatever he sets his mind to within the skydivign world. He is currently training for the Aussie Record attempt in May 2019 at Perris, CA, USA.




  • Joe Dorkota

    Joe Dorokta Skydiving Instructor

    Joe is one of our AFF instructors and Tandem masters. Always smiling, Joe is a pleasure to be around and is always cracking jokes to keep the nerves at ease of the first timers! Joe has been with Skydive Euroa and The Parachute for over 15 years and still remembers his first time in the sky like it was just yesterday. Hundreds of jumps later Joe is a pro and keeps the team motivated.

    "Rise in the morning with the spirit you had known in your childhood"

  • Flip "Flippa" Stein


     Flip has been with us for over eight years now! He is an Instructor D with AFF & Tandem endorsements and says he comes back because he loves the nice, family-friendly atmosphere and the team at Skydive Euroa. Flip has a sense of humour that most people would appreciate! He is passionate about skydiving and says the best part of the job is getting to share his passion with new jumpers. Flip is a chef by trade... his big 'fail' moment came when he accidently served garlic sauce on a dessert buffet. Live and learn Flip!

    "Sex used to be safer than skydiving"

  • Jack Stocks


    Jack is one of our talented pilots. He is endorsed on all aircraft at the dropzone and is highly experienced.

    He recently took the leap and started his jumping career, now has approx 5 jumps on his belt. Go Jack!



  • Chris Barry


    Chris is a highly experienced Pilot in the aviation world. He has been around the dropzone for most of his life and is a valuable asset to the club. ASA aviation safety advisor and pilots the aircraft when required.


  • Jamo


    Jamo has been around a dropzones for most of his life. Lives and breaths skydiving as much as he can.

    With over 5500 jumps and many acheivements to his name. Holds rating and endorsements in Australia, Canada and the USA.  

    "Work Hard, Play Harder "


  • Keith Johnson


    Keith is an Instructor B with AFF and Static Line endorsement. He is also a B-Rel tutor and DZSO. Keith took up skydiving 15 years ago and was soon to develop a passion for the sport. Now with over 3,000 jumps to his credit Keith loves to teach other people and particularly loves watching them do their first jump. Aside from skydiving Keith is a keen scuba and cave diver! A family man he is a stay at home Dad when he isnt jumping out of planes. A true 21st century man!

    "Step outside your comfort zone - experience the greatest rewards"

  • Ben Littlepage


    Ben has been with Skydive Euroa for over Thirteen years now and has accumulated over 5,500 jumps! Ben has all skydiving licences. As well as being a main man for the tandem jumps, Ben is a free-flyer instructor with a passion for all outdoor sports. He enjoys fishing, scuba diving and camping in his spare time but most of all he loves spending time with his partner and walking the dog. Awwww! One of Bens greatest achievements was doing a Halo Jump from 33,000 ft! Hes travelled the world and trained at World Championship standards for free-flying. What a guy.

    "Id rather die on my feet than live on my knees"

  • Amanda Leckie


    Amanda is one of our AFF Instructors and B-Rel tutors and holds up an E-Licence. She is also a keen wing-suiter in her spare time. It took Amanda a while to get where she is today... When training for her first AFF Course she failed Stage Five 5 times!!! So Amanda really does give us all hope that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Amanda skydives every weekend and describes it as her biggest love... work, eat, sleep and skydive. Yep pretty much! During the week Amanda is an Operating Theatre Technician. She took out her first skydive at 46 and as they say thev rest is history!

    "Such is life"

  • Paul Barker


    Paul's skydiving career began back in 2005 when he did AFF Stage 1. 9 years later he thought it might be a good idea to do Stage 2. Paul started jumping at Euroa in mid-2014 and hasn't looked back since, and in just 12 months completed over 200 skydivers and obtained his Instructor D, a very impressive acheivement! You'll find Paul up most weekends instructing AFF students and helping new members get into the sport.

    Off the DZ Paul races motorcycles, and he's always asking our pilots if his old motorcycle can come for a jump too, a proposition that is normally met with laughter followed by the sudden realization that he might be serious. Paul's also a rapel jumping instructor (a slightly more controlled discipline of free fall) and is pretty handy with a camera, so ask him to grab a shot of your landing!

    "Why tip toe through life to arrive safely at death's door?"

  • Simon Taft


    Simon is one of our awesome AFF and B-Rel Instructors! He did his AFF with us in 2008 and has been hooked ever since. Simon can be found on the DZ most weekends helping other build their skills and confidence, helping the next wave of new skydivers find their feet in the sport.

    Off the DZ simon works in IT, is a keen scuba diver and a proud dad! He also knows how to fly a plane!

    "Push yourself. Aim high. Never stop learning"

  • Teneille Redwin


    Teneille joined us in August 2015 after completing her training as a pilot in just over a year! Don't let that fool you though, she knows her stuff and is a theory instructor at Moorabbin during the week. When she's not in the plane you'll find her either snowboarding or flying to the snow to snowboard - year round. No snow, no problem. She is still looking for other ways to combine her interests and plans to strap skis to the Airvan for next year's snow trip.

    The appropriate response to Teneille's requests is "Yes Captain," followed by handing her a cold beverage.

    "There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane?"

  • Dicko Choy

    Dickson Choy

    Dickson started flying at Euroa in August 2015 and has been smashing out loads every since! His favourite aircraft is the Airvan, which is clearly just a typo and meant to be called Airbus. An achievement he's very proud of is the fact that he ALWAYS wears his orange jacket when at the dropzone (seriously, we're not kidding here, ALWAYS). Off the dropzone you'll find Dickson (unfortunately) supporting Essendon at the footy or engaged in an intense game of chess, quite possibly at the same time as Essendon games are generally quite a one sided affair and hence boring.

    "For those who love aviation, the sky is home."


  • Darryn Henricus


    Darryn is one of our awesome pilots! Far from a glorified elevator attendent, Darryn holds a Commercial Pilots License and a Bachelor of Aviation, making him the man to take you to the very top. He also has a passion for cycling, which may indeed be the one thing he loves almost as much as aeroplanes (maybe even more?). Greatly supporting his cycling are his dashing looks when wearing Lycra. Despite this, he has yet refused to fly whilst wearing only Lycra, much to our and the ladies dismay. Most weekends you'll find Darryn on or in the skies above Euroa making sure that everyone is having a great time!

    "I am serious... and don't call me Shirley."


  • Sarah Shepherd


    Sarah works our manisfest when she isnt completing her A-Licence. She did her first jump 15 years ago. Started things in her 20's... and now that she has reached her 30's Sarah is finishing them. Go girl! Sarah is astute and has a mean eye for details. She loves it at Skydive Euroa and says its like a big family. The epic fail came when during Stage Four AFF she landed in the next paddock and had to carry all of her gear with her! On and up...

    "Mind over matter"

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